Friday, May 1, 2009

For free anybody could make and publish browser by customising MyIE9

Including: Set the default search engine. Add your search engine icon button. Add your web link to the links bar of the software. Make and set logo and default skin.
And could publish by yourself.

The ways of customization:
1. Set the default search engine: start MyIE9, add or set the default search engine.
Set your logo and skin: Add new folder in MyIE9Data\Skin. Copy MainAnimIcon.bmp into the folder from the folder 'Default'. And modify the bmp to your logo. The background would be transparent if setted to be RGB(255,0,255). Set the folder to be the default skin in the menu of skins.
2. Add your web link to the links bar of the software: Copy your website link to this folder: 'C:\Program Files\MyIE9 Browser\MyIE9Data\Resource\TempleLinks'
Just take effect for users who install MyIE9 of any version for first time. You could test it in a new user or another PC.
3. Copy all files from the folder of 'D:\Program Files\MyIE9 Browser\MyIE9Data\User' to the folder of 'C:\Program Files\MyIE9 Browser\MyIE9Data\Resource'
4. Delete the folder: 'C:\Program Files\MyIE9 Browser\MyIE9Data\User'
5. Add this folder to a zip file and publish it as a portable version:'C:\Program Files\MyIE9 Browser'
Or make it to be a setup file. The desktop links name and installed folder name could be: MyIE9 Browser For XX. Replace XX to your website name.
You could use the free setup maker tool of NSIS.
You could use this script to make setup file: myie9-setup-maker-english.nsi
Open it with 'NSIS\VNISEdit\VNISEdit.exe' .
Replace 'XX' with your name.
Replace 'D:\MyIE9\publish\en' with 'C:\Program Files\MyIE9 Browser'.
Press F9 and all finished.
Then your could publish it. And advertise it.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

MyIE9 browser Latest Version: V33.0

MyIE9 is an IE browser that could shield evil website and does not die.

Click to download Setup file(Size: 3M)
Portable version(No need to install)

Screen shot:

If you installed IE8, when you use MyIE9, it uses the kernel of IE8, but not have IE8 bugs: won't show some pages, crash sometimes.

1. Prompt before open the evil website (virus or fake bank sites). The function can be Forbid in Options. Fake Bank of America:
2. 30 skins can be changed at any time;
3. Open 442 web pages at the same time, and could also watch video;

4. Fast. Just needs 1 second to start.
5. Very convinient for IE6 users' habits. Click the upper right corner button to close the current page. (It can be setted to exit software in Options);
6. Many good features: Notepad, right-mouse gestures, block all pop-up window (could specify excepts), filter specified page fly...
7. No need to type www or .com;
8. Free forever. No AD;
9. Favorites never lost. (which can be changed to any location in the Options)
10. You do not need to concern about the upgrade. The software will automatically upgrade to the most stable version silently. (which can be forbidden.)

Chinese version(中文版):